Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh: 7/12 Utara

What is Mahabhulekh or Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh?

There are plenty of land acquisitions happening in Maharashtra every day. After all, one of the biggest city in India and the economic capital of India Mumbai falls under this State. So, to make it easier to see or check the land records via online at website of any property in Maharashtra, National Informatics Center along with Maharashtra Revenue Department made an online portal to provide details about Maharashtra Land Records (7-12 Utara). And the whole online system is known as Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh or Mahabhulekh महाभूलेख.

Definition Of “Satbara Utara” or “7/12 Utara”

When we buy or sell any real estate or property, in every state, we need to get the land records of that property. Same applies to Maharashtra. Users from there can easily access this through the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh महाराष्ट्र भूमि अभिलेख also known as Mahabhulekh online portal. And the records of the land you get from the online portal is called Satbara Utara or 7/12 Utara which is very crucial when dealing with any property in Maharashtra.

Why Satbara (७ /१२) Utara Is Crucial?

There are plenty of reasons why Satbara Utara or 7/12 Utara is a crucial document when it comes to buying or selling any property. It is basically the land records which is needed to be checked before dealing with any land, not only in Maharashtra but in other states of India too. Below you can see some of the purposes of getting the 7/12 Utara:

The Satbara Utara is actually a proof that verifies a specific person as the owner of a property. It is also required by the buyer to check if the seller is genuine or not before purchasing the land. Satbara Utara is also required when the money is transferred to acquire the land at the office of Sub Registrar. This also becomes helpful when the owner of the property tries to raise credit or loan from any Bank. And lastly, if any civil litigation happens, an owner needs to submit the Satbara Utara as a proof to the court.

How To Get Satbara Utara From Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Portal?

Below you can see the step by step guide on how you can easily get the Satbara Utara or 7/12 Utara of any land from online using the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website:

  • First of all, visit the Mahabhulekh Official Website i.e.
  • A map will appear on the left side of the screen with all the districts of Maharashtra.


  • But the whole map will be distributed in 6 different section.
  • Select the appropriate section from the right under which, your district falls.
  • 6 sections are Amravati, Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik and Pune.
  • After selecting, once you click on the “Go” button, it will take you to another page.
  • From there, you need to select the Department (विभाग), District (जिल्हा) and Taluka (तालुका).
  • You also need to select the Village (गाव), by which you want to search the land record.
  • Now you have to select by which details, you want to search the land record such as by the Survey number or group number, Letter survey number or group number, First name, In the name of, Last name and Full name.
  • Finally, enter the number and click on the “Find Out” button.
  • Then search the land record by Survey no or by first, middle or last name.
  • After that, hit the “Show 7/12” button and there you go.
  • Now save the 7/12 extract or land record to print it or store it in digital form.

Now you have got the 7/12 Utara of a land. But, still, you can not print and use it as an official document. Because it is facilitated for the informational or personal purposes only. With this, you can check the document online in minutes without visiting any office. But, if it is needed in any official use, you need to get the authorized copy of 7/12 document from your local Taluka office. However, you need to pay some fee to get the authorized copy only which is valid in official uses.

Some Marathi Terms Used In Mahabhulekh

  • Khata: Land Holding Account
  • Zilla: District
  • Tehsil / Taluka: District Sub-Division
  • Gat Kramaank: Serial Number
  • Up-Vibhag : Sub-section
  • Bhudhaarna Paddhati: Type of land
  • Shetaache Sthaanik Naav: Local name of the land
  • Jal Seenchit: Water irrigated

These terms are used in Maharashtra Mahabhulekh and you should know them while getting the Satbara Utara or 7/12 Utara for any land from the official website i.e. Hope this article helps and we welcome your further queries in the comments section below.

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