How to Calculate Stamp Duty & Registration Fees on Property in Assam?

Many of you might be tensed about the stamp duty and registration fees on the property in Assam. Though this is a bit complex, you do not need to worry about that. And the fee required, we are going to talk about it in this article. Here you will know what stamp duty and the registration fee is and how you can calculate them while buying any property in Assam state. Plus we will also be including the application form for assessment of stamp duty and registration fees in Assam. So, without any further talk, let’s get started.

What Is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is crucial when it comes to buying and selling properties, not only in Assam but all over the country. This is actually a fee which is paid to the state government while any commercial and non-commercial transactions happen which create rights. The stamp duty needs to be paid by the owner. Whenever you buy any property or house, you must make sure that the stamp duty is paid in full. Otherwise, the property you are buying might not be registered under your name.

How Much Is Stamp Duty In Assam?

Stamp duty is calculated on a percentage basis in general. In Assam, generally, the stamp duty is 8.25% of the property value. However, this varies from state to state. But there are different fee structure made by the Assam government for the different worth of value. So, it becomes very complex to calculate the stamp duty for normal people who are going to buy and sell property in Assam. We are going to talk about this below. Once your sale agreement is stamped correctly, it stands legal and acceptable in a court of law.

What Is Registration Fee?

Registration fee is different than the Stamp duty, and both are calculated differently. Registration fee is a fee that is charged by the court. This falls under the Registration Act (Section 17). It’s basically a terminal legal agreement between the buyer and seller party which holds the note that the ownership of the property has been changed from one person to another person.

How Much Is Registration Fee In Assam?

It is also a complex question because it varies on different parameters such as the deed category, deed sub-category, consideration amount and many more thing. In general, it’s a very minimal percentage of the property value. Below we have talked about the Stamp Duty and Registration Fee calculator tool, where you can get the exact numbers according to your details.

How to Calculate Stamp Duty And Registration Fees in Assam?

Though it’s very complex and most of the property buyers and sellers in Assam do not have any knowledge of how to calculate stamp duty and registration fees in Assam. But revenue and disaster management department of Assam Govt has made this simple and easy for anyone with their stamp duty and registration fee calculator tool. The tool is very simple, and it’s available on the e-Panjeeyan section of the official Revenue Assam portal.

e panjeeyan

How To Use This Tool To Calculate Stamp Duty And Registration Fees In Assam?

Below are the steps described by which you can get the exact numbers on your stamp duty and registration fee based on the property value and other details about the transaction. Follow these steps carefully to calculate fees:

  • First of all, go to the Assam e-Panjeeyan portal here.
  • Then select the “Deed Category”.
  • Next, choose the “Deed Sub Category”.
  • Answer the security question.
  • Then give details about the deed related to land or flat on the next section.
  • Enter the Consideration Amount in Rupees.
  • Select the Purchaser with.
  • Then choose the location of the land or Flat or property from Urban but Municipality Corporation area, Urban but Municipality Board area and Rural area.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button and you will see the stamp duty and registration fee required for your property/land/flat acquisition.

Download Form For The Assessment

To download the form for assessment of the stamp duty and registration fees in Assam state, click here. Once the form is downloaded, print it and fill in all the required fields with your details submit it to the appropriate office.



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